Pay attention to myself, Raymond, all of the dudes within this country love myself, however, he doesn’t

Getting Pamela, appearance try required. The woman is a beneficial starlet whom tries to make up their particular lack of ability that have the greatest face and body, and therefore she screens shamelessly for the strict, discussing gowns. Rodolfo proudly phone calls their their “masterwork” due to the fact she is an assiduous invitees so you can their office, inquiring your so you can inject that have collagen “this small crease you to I am getting,” or even to promote their particular a deep peel. When you look at the an amusing event, Pamela becomes a good disfiguring sensitivity off collagen treatments a single day she’s got so you can audition for an important tv role. She struggles greatly to obtain from this hard date versus their own better weapon: their unique beauty.

Pamela’s dependence on their body is in a way that whenever she finds out you to their unique love for Camilo is actually unrequited, this lady has an emotional dialogue together representative where she reflects towards the why Camilo does not like her:

Pamela: (she opens up their robe and you may suggests your their particular body) Examine myself, consider myself. as to why will not the guy love me? What-is-it which i do not have? Just what have always been We forgotten? What other surgery ought i features? What else should i do so one to Camilo enjoys myself?

Pamela: Camilo does not like me

Like many Venezuelan female, Pamela basics their lifetime for her physical charm. According to the plot, her beauty is sufficient to go glory from the activities globe (she Anchorage, KY sexy girls causes it to be so you’re able to Movie industry), it is lack of to track down like (she works out by yourself). Beauty, next, is actually illustrated as actually overrated during the Venezuela.

JOSEFINA decided, “if you are not alluring, you have got zero lives since most men are looking for people who is pleasing to the eye; feelings aren’t crucial any longer, style is

Inside our dialogue, star Gibelli never said these types of victims-charm, cosmetic surgery. She centered, instead, on Pamela’s characteristics. The audience, not, got thorough statements regarding the these problems. All players believed that brand new topics’ depiction, though comedy, was in fact practical. They assented that entry to cosmetic plastic surgery try extensive inside the the country. not, their interpretation of the reality varies. Particular audience in hopes me that women keeps plastic surgery as they want/need to keep/recover the lover. Anyone else disagreed, proclaiming that many women exercise since the “away from by themselves.” Such as, ANDREA, that has functions to boost their unique tits, said, “that which we want is a little increase to the self-admiration, we would like to look fantastic. however,, for ourselves.” GRACIA, CLARA and you will ELSA together with accepted having cosmetic plastic surgery as they wished to “look greatest” and you will “have more confidence” regarding the by themselves.

Whatever the intent about the choice to experience cosmetic surgery, users recognized that there is an obsession with appearance inside Venezuela. Certain blamed guys: “the guys I understand usually do not even keep in touch with your for people who you should never look like a miss [Venezuela]” said LILIAN. ” Someone else trust that it national obsession is the product of Venezuelan “myth” you to definitely “here is the nation out-of beautiful female, very. if you are not stunning, you are ineffective. regardless if you will be smart” (GRACIA). Notwithstanding these acknowledgements, users didn’t search prepared to overcome so it oppressive cultural tenet. The female interviewed accepted that they would have plastic procedures once they thought it requisite they. Lower income feminine professionals need they might spend the money for procedure, “I would ike to drop some weight, has a peeling, do that, do this. in the long run, I can not manage it. therefore, I have to deal with me such I am” (LAURA). Due to their part, men users suppose the significance of ladies’ physical beauty as well as the extensive the means to access plastic surgery as one even more element of Venezuelan lives. “It’s instance styling your teeth that have braces. it has been socially accepted. almost everywhere. it’s typical,” told you CESAR.