We introduce detailed statistics because of the such four collectively personal marriage kinds, independently for our male and female respondents


Tables 1 and you may ? and2 2 reveal this new sample features and you can shipments because of the sex getting all of our five kinds of immigrant participants: 1) partnered a resident just before otherwise through to coming, 2) hitched a citizen just after arrival, 3) partnered a non-resident prior to otherwise upon coming, and you will 4) ple off immigrant female ( Desk step 1 ), one in five (20.3%) marry a resident sometimes prior to or up on going into the You, twenty-two.1% wed a resident when they come in the usa at least Los Angeles, CA in USA women forever annually, to your leftover age 12 months they are available (31.5%), or marrying a fellow low-citizen once staying in the united states at the least annually (twenty-eight.2%). Models off immigrant marriage ceremonies differ starkly of the gender. Just under 9 % from immigrant dudes in our take to marry good All of us resident nearby the go out it move, if you find yourself 2.53% get married a resident immediately after residing in the united states about a beneficial seasons ( Table 2 ). The biggest express regarding immigrant male respondents marries a fellow non-citizen immediately after surviving in the us no less than a-year (49.8%). These patterns service past look that shows migration avenues is highly gendered (elizabeth.g., Stevens 2012; Donator, Alexander, Abaci and you may Linemen 2011) with a much larger small fraction from immigrant feminine than simply immigrant dudes appointment and you may marrying somebody with our company citizenship before they arrive inside the the nation.


To the persisted parameters, we conduct evaluating regarding mathematical significance to assess differences in function across the our very own four migration/marriage/spousal citizenship teams. Our multivariate research are some OLS regressions, stratified because of the gender of your own respondent and side of the business modified which have people-height ACS weights (Appendix step one). I present design-mainly based predicted beliefs of age gap of the gender and region.

Table dos

If the men well worth youth, and you may immigrant feminine value You citizenship, upcoming we could possibly be prepared to discover the largest variations in many years between non-citizen female hitched to resident men. At exactly the same time, if an enthusiastic immigrant woman has already borne the expense of moving towards All of us, upcoming people relationship that happens once coming will be ‘rates less’ in terms of youth. Proof for it presumption is found in Dining table step 1 , which shows one to spousal age variations one of feminine participants pursue a great distinctive line of gradient. Particularly, one of immigrant women who marry a great Us citizen often in advance of or abreast of entering the You, husbands is actually, typically, seven.4 years over the age of these immigrant feminine. When she marries a resident just after remaining in the us within the very least annually, the average age distinction ong marriages regarding immigrant female to help you low-resident dudes. The fresh spousal ages variation try faster full compared to marriage ceremonies related to a non-resident woman and a resident people, however the cost of the latest relative time out-of arrival is still noticeable. Whenever a keen immigrant lady marries a fellow non-citizen people sometimes ahead of or up on coming in the us, this woman is 3.4 years more youthful than simply her companion, on average. The age improvement drops to at least one.6 years whenever she marries a fellow low-citizen immediately after she has currently existed in the us.

If your replace between youth and you can spousal citizenship or entry to the united states works the same to possess men immigrants because it really does to have comparable women immigrants we may predict the smallest spousal years change, this is the unions where in actuality the partner is nearest inside years to their wife, certainly one of low-citizen men exactly who hitched citizen women both before otherwise upon moving into the United states. Facts because of it expectation is positioned at the top of Table dos , hence gift suggestions parallel information for men participants. The smallest spousal decades difference (0.eight decades) is actually discovered among non-citizen guys which partnered a resident lady both in advance of otherwise on coming towards the United states. This indicates one resident feminine might be able to change its citizenship and you can usage of the united states, to possess a more youthful spouse. Much like the models displayed for ladies, one of low-resident men exactly who get married citizen feminine just after staying in the us, this new spousal decades gap grows to one.nine many years. When your non-resident people marries an other non-citizen lady ahead of or up on arrival he is approximately 2.six many years older than his wife, whereas if the he marries a non-resident lady immediately following arriving in the us, the latest pit increases to 3.three years.